We help businesses transition into Manageable Technology Solutions that are Secure, Easy to use, and Highly Available.



We design office networks that are manageable so that you are in control of your technology. Some tech companies work hard to hold on to controls that help them boost monthly revenue. We are not this kind of tech company. We do everything we can to empower our clients at every turn.


Security is our Primary Focus. We draw upon our extensive background in computer security and public key cryptography for each of our projects, ensuring that our client's security posture is as strong as possible. Like local networks, cloud networks require security planning to ensure your information stays safe.


The Cloud continues to drive innovation throughout the workplace. New cloud technologies are making it even easier to be more productive and more secure. We help you make smart choices about when to use the Cloud and when not to. In many cases putting a server in the Cloud pays dividends.

Don't take our word for it.
Listen to what our clients have to say..


Chad has provided IT consulting services to the Osen-Hunter Group for nearly as long as we have been in business. We needed a special focus on security, and Chad’s network system designs delivered. The systems he has designed for us have allowed us to operate with multiple locations in a secure and efficient manner. They require very little hands-on maintenance – perfect for us since we have no in-house IT department. Because of the redundancy he built into the design, we have never lost data due to a system failure – never! I would highly, and without reservation, recommend Chad to anyone looking for IT consulting services.

 - Rea Everitt



Chad has transformed the way we do business at Easton Events. Chad is amazingly thorough and patient with us all. His response time to any concern is always very quick…and immediate when a crisis prevails. We would literally not know what to do without him!

-Lynn Easton Andrews



I manage a medium sized mortgage company and prior to Easy IT Solutions I had a three year old, server-based, complicated, IT system that required a full time IT professional and constant desktop pc upgrades. My average monthly costs were $4243 / month. After a free analysis Easy IT Solutions implemented a server-less, maintenance-free system with secure offsite backups, a central virus protection system, instant remote desktop support, and a company intranet. In the last month my company only called in 1 time and my total monthly computer costs (hardware, software, and support) are now only $1910 / month.

-Scott Hardy



For years we used an antiquated method of hand typing our forms. Surveys, estimates, work orders; All forms were typed on an old style typewriter to make certain that the information made it all the way through the three and four layer documents. Chad helped us digitize this entire process. Not only did he help us prepare all the data fields, he also helped us source and setup the necessary equipment to get everything up and running. The new system eliminates double entry, is easy to manage, and very user friendly. Chad helped us vastly improve an outdated system, not only making our work easier, but greatly improving our efficiency.

-Paul Breaud



Personal referrals are what drive our local business and that’s exactly how I met Chad! He has consistently been able to translate my incomplete descriptions of technology problems in order to diagnose, correct, and repair every issue. Chad’s expertise has saved our company thousands of dollars over the last 2 years and he always directs me to reputable vendors with the best prices for everything computer related. With no IT professional on staff, I depend entirely on Chad’s knowledge, experience and fast response – he’s never let me down.

-Linda Maxwell


Cville Photo by Bob Mical