Founded in 2007, Easy IT Solutions is one of the most respected tech consulting companies in Charlottesville.

I started Easy IT Solutions because I love technology and how it shapes and changes the world. In 2007, the Cloud was just beginning to take off. Today, it is commonplace. The Cloud has changed a lot since then. When we started in 2007 it was just a few hosted services like Exchange and Sharepoint, then Dropbox emerged along with Cloud backups and telephony. 

Now you can virtualize your entire infrastructure with the help of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or the Google Cloud Platform. Of course, that doesn't mean you should. Often times a hybrid approach to utilizing the Cloud is a more fruitful one. This is what drives us, finding the best solution to a problem. We love technology. Our passion for technology keeps us reaching for the next thing, staying ahead of the technological curve and helping deliver its benefits to you.


Humble Beginnings

A born techie, I spent my childhood taking things apart and putting them back together again. I played with all the newest and coolest computer gadgets like the earliest Mac and IBM computers. When the Internet landed in my high school as part of a pilot program in 1995, I was hooked. I upgraded my mom's old 386 PC and I set off to learn everything there was to know about computers and the Internet.

Past Engagements

  • Intern at the Naval Research Laboratory where I worked on Unix mainframes, early Windows NT Domain Controllers, and advanced computer security & networking.

  • BS in Computer Science at Virginia Tech. Wrote a lot of code!

  • Security Engineer for Gemini Security Solutions specializing in public key cryptography and authentication. Much of our work was with Johnson & Johnson World Wide Information Security. Wrote a lot more code!

  • IT & Operations manager for Advantage 1st Mortgage.

  • Branch Manager for IntoHomes Mortgage.

  • Launched Easy IT Solutions in 2007.

Vintage Easy IT Cartoon

Computer Security Presentation @ The Cville Networking Group