Cut computer costs by 30% with greater safety and reliability

    1. Turnkey total solution for small and medium sized businesses
    2. Reduce expensive complicated setups with Easy IT server-less solutions
    3. Owners & managers save up to 20 hours per month with Easy IT instant remote desktop support
    4. You and your employees should never spend more than 15 minutes struggling with software difficulties
    5. With our managed IT solution you get immediate answers to your technical problems
    6. Save yourself from spending hours of your day trying to solve problems that we solve in minutes

Executive Summary

Your computer infrastructure can be a very complicated and expensive thing to manage. Yet, in today’s competitive business environment, it is absolutely critical to survival. Technology has launched the world into a race for time. Having error prone computers and untrained users can mean the difference between a $100,000 month and a $75,000 month. However, hiring full time technical support staff and buying all the necessary equipment can make the losses almost bearable. Even outsourced computer support is too expensive and many business owners just forge ahead with very little technical support, spending massive amounts of time on customer support calls. It was with this in mind and an uncanny obsession for meticulously efficient work environments that Easy IT Solutions created our turnkey total solution for small to medium sized businesses. The Easy IT total solution is designed to bring small to medium sized businesses the superior technological leverages of a large corporation at a fraction of the cost. Technology changes fast. We are now entering an era where cutting edge technologies can be harnessed by small and medium sized businesses at prices even large companies can hardly beat. In fact, after building our total solution, we often wonder why they even try.

Cost Benefit

*Dollar figures include ALL hardware, software and technical support fees.

Before Easy IT Solutions
(20 PCs, 1 Server, Monthly IT Support)

Server Related Costs
Desktop Related Costs
Total Monthly Costs
    1. Persistent computer problems
    2. Long customer service response time
    3. Excessive user technical difficulties

After Easy IT Solutions

Server Related Costs
Desktop Related Costs
Total Monthly Savings
    1. 99% system uptime
    2. 30 minute turnaround on all urgent customer service inquiries
    3. Each call saves the average Easy IT customer 3 hours of productivity